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5 Steps to a 'Green' 4th of July

Conscious Lists, 2016 postsNatalie Kay

another holiday is upon us...

which typically comes with more waste & buying one-time use items

I wanted to share with you a few products I'll be using, and ones I can use time and time again.

1. Tablecloth 

Besides the paper plates I grew up using during 4th of July cook-outs, tablecloths were, also, frequently used and then discarded. The BottleCloth Starburst Tablecloth is made from 100% recycled woven fabric sourced from plastic bottles - that's right - plastic bottles! It is great for indoor or outdoor use, and comes in multiple colors {blue, too!}. The red is perfect for me, because I can already think of a few more holidays I can entertain with this. 

2. Utensils

Since most of you will most likely be cooking out in some form or fashion, Natural Home Products has you covered with their bamboo turners. We all need some greens, so the Salad Hands are here to help serve. If you don't have enough plates in your kitchen, try Earth's Natural Alternative Tree Free Plates below. They are made from sustainable and renewable natural wheat stalk fiber and bagasse (sugarcane fiber). Click below the plates for green cutlery and napkins, too!

3. Protection

With the heat comes bugs, and with food comes mess, so protect yourself with Kosmatology's Bug Repellent Balm & clean up with their Hand Sanitizers.

4. Clean Up

Left over food? Use the Ceramic Kitchen Compost by Natural Home Products to compost all your party scraps {comes in white or red}. To learn more about the postivie impacts of composting, read A Greener Kitchen with Composting & Bamboo Ware - here.

5. Decoration

This one is easy... I use plants!! In the midst of all the red, white and blue, it's nice to add a little green ;)


I hope everyone has a safe & 'greener' 4th of July!