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5 Pairs of Sustainably-Made Shoes | From Classy to Cozy

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for the ladies

I don't know about you, but I like my shoes to last year after year. Today, that's hard to find. You wear them a season and the sole starts to fall off - not okay! We need shoes that look good and stay together - & most importantly, pay workers a fair wage.

This list has a little something for everyone: boot lovers, vegans, home bodies, beach bums.. everyone is covered ;) or you could just be like me and adore them all!

{clockwise starting at boots | codes may be used on entire purchase}

1. Fern Grey Sumaq BootRock Pillar $210: use code freespirit2017 for 10% off

2. Flip-flops, OLLI $16 during campaign

3. Ello C Natural Cork Flats, Po-Zu $126: use code sustainchic10 for 10% off

4. House Shoe, Chilote $72

5. The Audrey, VEERAH $268