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4 Ethical Tech Accessories Under $50

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For your Phones, Cameras & Comps...

With almost 10 million tons of technology products being thrown out in the US alone & more cell phones in existence than humans, e-waste is a serious issue. Advancements in technology are only going to bring about more products for you to use, and we should be careful about what we pair that product with. Most of you reading this have a cell phone - so we can start there ;) Click below to see some of my favorite 'eco' companions to our tech collection. 

1. iPhone Case by Pela Case

$31 {USD}

If there are over 7 billion SIM cards being used, today, then there has to be billions of phone cases being used, as well. Most of the phone cases are made of plastic or some other material which will sit around in a landfill for hundreds of years, if not thousands. Why not use a natural case which functions just as well & is biodegradable at the same time. Seems like your best bet, right? Well, Pela Case has that alternative for you! 

Their iPhone cases are created out of Flaxstic™, a combination of flax straw ‘waste’, plant-based biopolymers and recycled materials.The flax shive helps give the biopolymers an added texture, resistance & ‘eco’ look. Choose from 6 different colors: Lavender, White, Red, Green, Blue & Black - I'm in love with the Lavender & White!! Not only is Pela Case offering us a sustainable alternative to the usual plastic phone case, they are also a proud member of 1% for the Planet which is a global movement of companies donating at least 1% of their annual net revenues to environmental non-profits all over the world. Done with your Pela Case? This company is all about product recycling. Your old case can be used to create 2nd or 3rd generation products which can later still be composted. Click here to find out how you can recycle your Pela Case.

2. Macbook Sleeve by M-24

$38 {USD}

M-24 takes used lorry {or for us here in the states - truck} tarpaulins to make duffles, backpacks and smaller accessories like pencil cases. The thing about these tarps, they are pretty tough so naturally they make a great, indestructible bag. Their Macbook Sleeves are waterproof with a neoprene padding to protect it from its usual bangs while traveling, and the design is slim enough to take with you anywhere. 

3. iPad Clutch by Meridian Lee

$48 {USD}

Protecting, functional & good looking all at the same time, the iPad Clutch is the perfect travel buddy. Great for flights, train rides.. you get it..  you can fit your small tablet, phone, passport & cards all in one. Made in SE Asia by a small team of ladies, your purchase supports the makers & allows for them to teach more women in bag making. Check out the overnight duffle we collaborated on this year! 

4. Camera Strap by Alicia San Marcos

$40 {USD}

I'm obsessed with Alicia San Marcos' textiles. They are stunning, and it is hard to choose a favorite bag. I was so excited to find they make Camera Straps! With over 50% of Guatemalans living in poverty, Alicia San Marcos is dedicated to the education of children within the underserved communities of Guatemala. Today, they have donated over 32,000 school supplies to orphanages and schools with the proceeds from their gorgeously handcrafted accessories, which are all ethically produced by Indigenous artisans using Mayan traditions from hundreds of years ago. 

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What are some of your favorite ethical tech purchases?