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Natalie Kay

Authentic Mexican Handcrafted Jewelry

With Paola Silk's love of Mexico, business and fashion, SHILANGO was born. Using only seasonal and renewable materials, the jewelry is hand crafted by Mexican artisans. SHILANGO sets an example for sustainable businesses with their commitment to both their artisans and the Earth. 

The Olmeca Necklace {pictured above} is my go-to statement necklace! Be sure to enter the Giveaway for four pairs of gorgeous SHILANGO earrings on Instagram starting the 10th. 

Tell us about SHILANGO and how sustainability is incorporated into your business.

SHILANGO  is the only brand offering authentic Mexican Handcrafted Jewelry made by artisans located in the Central Area of Mexico. The jewelry collections are an infusion of culture, art and fashion. We're  proud to offer unique and one-a-kind pieces. SHILANGO aims to offer exclusive pieces as we only make a very limited amount per design to guarantee that the end-buyer will truly posses a unique piece. This also ties into the sustainability part of our business model. We only use seasonal and renewable materials. We pay our artisans up-front with a price that is ethical and fair, so they can feel proud and truly happy about utilizing their talents and skills to make a living.

How many artisans are behind SHILANGO?

Currently we have five artisans producing our jewellery collections.  

Where do they find inspiration for the collections?

Our artisans and I find inspiration for the collections from the love of our Mexican heritage. Our designs incorporate a lot of the Mayan and Aztec cultures. One of them actually produces jewelry with a signature design.The four elements: earth, water, air, and fire. Another one finds inspiration from her son, and I work a lot with her directly because I'm a mom of two sons, and they are also a part of the reason and the inspiration behind SHILANGO. 

What are some of your favorite pieces for Fall/Winter?

My favourite pieces for Fall/Winter are the Warrior Hoop Earrings, The Full Moon Earrings and the Olmeca Necklace from our Natural Collection. From the Jewel Collection, I'm all about the Sparkle Me Bracelets and finally from our Leather Collection, the Grecia Bracelets are the bomb!


What are your future plans with SHILANGO?

My future plans with SHILANGO are to continue to grow the brand and to offer more styles from our growing network of artisans. We're also considering introducing an exclusive selection of rings!

 How stunning are these  turquoise  stones!? 

How stunning are these turquoise stones!? 

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