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The Original Wooden Watch Since 1971

I have found my favorite watch! The Kootenay Mini goes with everything {& is easily adjustable, which I found quite convenient}. The wood is 100% reclaimed, so they are never compromising a tree to produce. Want one for yourself? Sustainably Chic viewers can use code CHIC10 for $10 off AND free shipping! I will warn you - it's a hard decision, as there are so many beautiful designs. Get in touch with nature, and tell time on a Tense Watch!

Tell us about Tense Wooden Watches and how sustainability is incorporated into your business

Tense designs and manufactures wooden watches locally in BC, Canada because we believe in maintaining our stellar craftsmanship through a sustainable process and with recycled materials.

Our watches are made from 100% natural reclaimed wood from Africa, America, and Canada. For us, it has always been about quality and craftsmanship and we are proud to say it always will be. We only harvest cast-off wood and never extract wood directly from living trees. By reinventing wood scraps that would have been useless and disposed of, Tense produces one of the most eco-friendly and unique fashion accessories for men and women. Our vision is one of sustainable harvesting that leaves no lasting footprint other than an aesthetic one.

How did this business begin?

Ken Lau began his career designing clocks and watches in his homeland of Hong Kong. Moving to beautiful British Columbia, Canada in the late 1960’s and being surrounded by the amazing landscape inspired Ken to experiment with natural materials such as exotic wood and stone for designer clocks, and eventually watches. Ken was certainly a pioneer in his experimentation with wood watches and in 1971, with dense mossy woods, thick forest, breathtaking mountain views in his new surroundings and a prideful feeling of creation acting as his inspiration, Tense Wooden Watches were then born.

Where do you find your materials? 

Choosing the right wood helps determine the overall durability, wear, and look of each watch. Not knowing where your woods come from can result in allergic reactions, garment staining and even breakage. We take pride in the fact that we have worked with our material providers for several decades, and our strong relationships insure that we use only the safest and best materials available from America, Africa, and Canada.

Where can we purchase a Tense Watch?

We have distributors all over the world! You can find our watches in boutiques and shops across North America, and we also have an online store that offers free shipping worldwide.

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