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Natalie Kay

creating a cycle of positive change, one thread at a time.

We want to inspire the wanderers and wonderers of the world to embrace opportunities to make a positive impact.
— Roni Sivan founder of Krama Wheel

Krama Wheel is an ethically-minded scarf brand helping children go to school in Cambodia by providing school uniforms, which is a requirement to have in order to attend. For every scarf sold a weaver is paid fairly, a local seamstress is hired to sew the garment and a child is able to attend school with their new uniform. This is a win, win, win situation (guess you could include another for us who get to wear them)!! 

Krama Wheel came to be when Roni Sivan was backpacking through Southeast Asia and stopped in Cambodia for what she thought would be a short visit. She instantly fell in love with the people and the culture, and wanted to help bring change to this impoverished country. After shopping a market, and flying back to Austin, TX with a bag full of scarves, Sivan sold them in a mobile boutique and things hit it off from there. 

I really loved the way they came up with the name, Krama Wheel. The word Krama means Scarf in Khmer, the Cambodian language. The karma wheel is found within the Buddhist tradition and is "made up of the actions we take and the resulting effect we have upon the world," - Put them both together & you get Krama Wheel! 

All scarves are hand-loomed in Cambodia's Takéo province. Everything is hand touched - from the cotton dyeing to the sewn-in labels (as shown above).

Now you can buy Krama Wheel scarves on Sustainably Chic! Pictured above is the Lavender Sona.

Great news - these scarves are for the ladies and you guys!!! This is the Yellow Sami. Plus, they aren't too heavy or too light, so you can wear them through every season. 

I'm wearing the Emerald Chom. Can't beat emerald green AND gingham! One of my favorite combos.

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