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2 Brands Making Upcycling Chicer than Ever

FashionNatalie Kay

Madia & Matilda | ModerNation

Two brands, two countries, two awesome ways to wear upcycled fashion!

With over 10 million tons of textiles being trashed within the US alone, some brands have taken it upon themselves to counteract the problem. Not only are we, as consumers, throwing garments away, but the fashion industry is constantly trashing cut-offs and end-of-bolts which can easily be used by other brands. Madia & Matilda, a UK based unique luxury clothing label, and ModerNation, a US based marketplace for sustainable fashion, are working to give the industry a better name by using what we already have. Click below to learn more... 

1. Madia & Matilda

I've grown quite familiar with Madia & Matilda over the years, and have always been attracted to the way they create with upcycled fabrics. Shalize Nicholas, the founder, has an eye for found fabrics, and a passion for bringing new life to those textiles. Madia & Matilda uses old garments, remnants & sustainable fabrics to produce beautiful waste-less clothing like this Layla crop-top {love the 'fit'}! With the UK being responsible for 350,000 tonnes of clothing sitting in the landfills a year, Madia & Matilda makes sure to use up all of their materials. Therefore, leftovers are used in future samples or new designs. Yay to zero-waste!

Shop all the new arrivals, here. 

2. ModerNation

A business dedicated to reversing Fast Fashion, ModerNation sources vintage, deadstock & sustainable materials in Southern California giving you truly unique & eco-conscious pieces - so yeah, you probably won't run into your friend at the local coffee shop wearing the same thing ;) I'm wearing one of their lovely backless upcycled tops. The piece is very well made with a tag reading "upcycled to reduce carbon footprints" - coolest tag I ever did see. 

Ready to combat fast fashion with them? Shop their entire upcycled collection, here. Besides creating their own collection for the online shop, ModernNation features other brands with similar values, like; {some you may recognize} Anekdot, Make Wilde & Pima Doll.

What upcycled brands are you crushing over these days?