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16 Jewelry Lines Creating Positive Change for People & the Planet

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& a few pieces to add to your jewelry box...


1.  Amani ya Juu

So much color and life in the Maasai Necklace, you are sure to not leave the house without a handful of compliments coming your way.  

Amani ya Juu means "Peace from Above" in Swahili, and is dedicated to providing vocational training & employment for refugee and marginalized women in Kenya and Uganda. 

The fair trade brand has been around for almost 20 years, and was founded in Nairobi, Kenya.

Amani ya Juu employs around 120 women between both Amani Kenya and Amani Uganda.

Fair Trade was one of the first sustainable fashion outlets I fell in love with. I knew in order to create sustainable livelihoods for those who needed opportunity most, they required long-term employment and committed enterprises. Amani ya Juu is one of these committed enterprises, and their handmade jewelry has a special meaning beyond making a beautiful fashion statement in your Fair OOTD. Their selection is even bigger than jewelry - you can shop bags, quilts, home decor, clothing, stationary and even christmas decos {can't wait for the season to begin!} - click here to see it all. 

2. BeadWORKS Kenya

Another Fair Trade brand out of Africa, BeadWORKS Kenya's mission is to support women and build entrepreneurial skills within Northern Rangelands Trust conservancies.

Their beads work to change lives {hence the name}!! Not only are these accessories contributing to sustainable livelihoods, they are also securing a sustainable future for wildlife and the environment.

Like I say a ton on this blog, sustainability covers several areas. Everything needs to work together and balance each other out.


How does this work through fashion accessories, you might ask? BeadWORKS Kenya is providing employment to 1000 women participants in community organized Women's Groups. With the help of BeadWORKS, these self-governed groups enable women to survive and provide for their family in a more environmentally-friendly way. Otherwise, they would resort to charcoal production, or overburdening their fragile grasslands with sheep & goats. Now, they are able to better coexist with the environment and care for themselves & their families while working from the comfort of their own community. Since they do not have to travel to a factory to work, they are able to carry out their semi-nomadic lifestyle, take care of their children & do their daily chores. 

3. MyFight

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You may remember seeing My Fight on my Instagram recently - we had a big Giveaway, and for those of you who entered, we still have the 20% off code going on through the next couple months. My Fight was formed in order to empower women artisans through job creation. They wanted to change the reputation of high poverty rate into artisan skill. Rather than a lack of money, they want more than anything for the countries they partner up with to be known for their talented women makers. The women My Fight partners with are visionaries wanting to go against the norm and make real change for their communities and families. Pictured are the lovely Selene Collar Necklace & the Double Coin Silver Choker


Have you seen their new website launch? It is BEAUTIFUL! Grab your cup of coffee or tea, and go through all the new product shots. So many lovelies to look at :D

4. One Happy Leaf

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A collection fighting to protect our Earth & the beings that live on it. Using quality eco-friendly bamboo, each piece is lovingly designed & created by Anna Anagno - an environmental scientist by education {so, naturally, she knows her stuff!}. Plus, for each piece sold, a tree is planted.

5. Simbi Haiti

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A socially responsible accessories brand, Simbi creates all their products by hand in Haiti for Haiti. Through their own non-profit foundation, Aqua Haiti, each purchase you make goes towards water purification projects in Haiti’s communities, schools, and orphanages. They, currently, work with over 350 Haitian artisans, and many of them lack access to clean water, resulting in cholera outbreaks. 

6. PagaBags

After witnessing their traditions & creativity in weaving and sewing, Meredyth knew there was so much potential and she wanted to share it with world. They have partnered with a handful of men and 40 women waste collectors, plastic cutters, weavers, sewers, batik makers and bead-makers. They also provide healthcare and on-site professional training. 

7. Fernweh Jewelry

Besides wanting to share stunning traditional crafts with us, Fernweh wanted to give back to the countries they worked with through micro-loans for the local women. For both the Pakistan and the Mexico Collection, 2.5% of sales will be reinvested into these loans. One of the organizations Fernweh has partnered up with is the Kashf Foundation based in Pakistan which is one of the first women-focused Microfinance Institutions in the country.

8. HandUp Global Goods

HandUp Global Goods is working with Haitian teen boys who are transitioning out of orphanages and into adulthood. By giving them the necessary tools such as jobs, spiritual development, financial literacy, and vocational training, HUGG hopes to encourage these young men to become responsible workers, family members, and community leaders. 

9. Rebecca Mir Grady

Rebecca Mir Grady's designs are timeless yet contemporary, and the minimalistic use of metals and stones is full of character. She believes in sustainable practices when creating; therefore, all of her jewelry is made by hand from reclaimed precious metals and ethically-sourced stones. She is also a member of the wonderful organization dedicated to social and environmental responsibility called Ethical Metalsmiths. 

10. True Ethic

TRUE ETHIC has recently launched their own private label this year- and it is SO sweet & made with a lot of love by the owner herself, Laura. Laura has a passion for the arts, color and lending a helping hand. 10% of sales from the private label are donated directly to Freedom Firm - a non-profit based in India helping rescue, restore and seek justice for victims of Sex Trafficking. 

11. BRAVE Leather

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Every single BRAVE Leather product {they've made over 2 million at this point} has been ethically designed & manufactured in Canada. All of the leather used is a by-product of the meat industry, and is only veggie-tanned so no harsh chemicals are ever used in the process. Even their water-based adhesives are Zero VOC.

12. Mujus

All MUJUS pieces are handmade under fair trade practices by artisans in Ecuador and Peru. Instead of using plastics and resins, they decided to go a more 'eco' route and chose to work with corozo, also known as vegetable ivory. It's animal ivory's sustainable substitute! Corozo are seeds from a palm tree, and can be carved & shaped just like wood.

13. Ananda Soul

Founded by artist & yogi Christina Zipperlen, Ananda Soul’s jewelry line is conscious from start to finish. Their transparency throughout the entire process is something to look up to -  from their gemstones to their silversmiths, you can feel confident that each piece is made with a lot of love and respect for the environment and people.

14. Simply Wood Rings

If there ever was a line of rings made for the earth lover, this would be it. From the birthwood rings to the engagements rings, you will find something truly unique to take with you a lifetime. Plus, they use salvaged and sustainable materials that are always responsibly-sourced. 

15. Simply Nature Bio Goods

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Besides having a unique aesthetic, there's a lot to be said about this jewelry's emotional connection with nature. The farmers and artisans who create these jewels are extremely respectful to the environment when foraging for resources. They make sure to not disrupt nature, and many of the leaves and seeds used have already fallen to the ground from natural causes. 

16. Earth Bands

All Earth Bands are handmade in Northern California with 100% of the materials sourced from right here in the US.  Each Earth Band purchased, $1 is donated to the organization of your choice. You can choose from Rainforest Action Network {campaigns for the forest}, Protect Our Winters {positive climate action} or Sea Shepherd {marine wildlife conservation}.