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15 Slow Fashion Staples for Your Conscious Closet

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 I've been wanting to paint a better picture of my 'sustainably chic' closet on here for quite some time. I think seeing pieces work with each other in photographs helps with your own closet & deciding which items are worth adding to it. Most of these garments compliment one another, and can pretty much stand the test of time in quality & aesthetic. So without further ado, here are 15 staple items I'm super stoked to share with you :D 

1. Dawn Wrap Dress, ModerNation $168

It's a 6-in-1 garment! This piece can be worn 4 different ways as a dress or 2 as a kimono. I think if you are building a capsule wardrobe, it's a smart idea to pick items you can get multiple uses out of! Plus, it's made of contrasting colors that are easy to style, and aren't so loud you get tired of wearing. Being the dress is made from modal, it has a very soft, silk-like touch making it comfortable to wear throughout the day. ModerNation is a US-based conscious fashion brand that uses deadstock, unique vintage & sustainable fabrics in all of their designs. 

2. Double Strap Sandals, October Jaipur $66

I have most certainly been getting my use out of these sandals this past summer. I'm actually a huge fan of green shoes. I used to have some green boots I would pair up with everything, and it hasn't been much different with these guys! Green seems a bit unconventional, but I'm telling you it is totally a neutral when it comes to footwear {especially if most of your closet is full of earth tones}. October Jaipur is an India-based accessories brand that follows the words "Thought of a dreamer, Skill of an artisan”, and believes in ethical production and great craftsmanship! 

3. Vintage Levi's, Smockwalker Vintage

This ebay vintage shop is seriously the bomb. Justina {the owner of Smockwalker Vintage} truly has an eye for gently-loved clothing. Especially if you are on a budget, buying from resellers like this one is high up on the list of sustainable things to do ;) While these jeans aren't up there anymore {obviously they've made a home in my closet, sorry y'all}, Justina is constantly updating her shop with new vintage denim listings. Having a few pairs of denim jeans, tops & jumpers is a must {IMHO}. You can't beat those prices, too! I have a little section in my closet from Smockwalker Vintage that I am so excited to share with you over the next few months. I know this shop is going to be your new favorite!

Oh & 10% of sales benefit the non-profit organization Mercy for Animals <3 

4. Sweat Shirt, Shy Vibes Club $152

I am all about the vibe this brand gives off. Shy Vibes Club is making basics cool & comfy. I feel like my Juicy zip-ups from middle school just got a rad older sister. This pink sweat shirt is made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton velour, and is incredibly soft!! It's meant to fit a bit oversized which is my preference - I mean, who wants a fitted sweatshirt, amiright?! :P All Shy Vibes Club garments are designed in Finland, and produced ethically in Estonia. Even when it comes to their home office, Shy Vibes Club is constantly looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Their electrical gadgets operate on renewable wind power, and waste is kept to a minimum. Even their hangtags and packaging are made from recycled paper. 

5. Overthinking Cap, Shy Vibes Club $74

I haven't owned a hat like this since I was a child, and now I feel like I've been missing out. The Overthinking Cap is also by the brand Shy Vibes Club & is made from an undyed linen. It's the perfect snap back for summertime! It even comes with a super cute Shy Vibes Club pin which I'll probably be putting on my denim jacket, as well. 

6. The MaranaOliberté $105

This brand uses the world's first Fair Trade Certified footwear factory to make some of the most practical & sturdy shoes. Oliberté is supporting workers' rights in sub-Saharan Africa, and currently has over 70 employees {60% being women}. If you are looking for an 'everyday' shoe, I highly recommend jumping into a pair of these! 

7. Silk Camisole, Sassind $89

An easy, breezy cami you can easily tuck in or leave out. It's incredibly lightweight, and makes for a great layering piece. Looks beautiful with a lace bralette underneath, too! Stay tuned for a feature on Sassind at the end of this month {I know you are going to fall hard for them!}. 

8. Mini Tirhas Saddle Bag, Shop Greater Things $118

A black crossbody fit for your phone, cards & lipstick is pretty much all I need in a day. Not only is the bag super useful & easy to pair with anything {yay for black}, it helps support sustainable jobs. Anything you find at Shop Greater Things has a purpose beyond a profit. In particular, this handbag is empowering women both nationally & globally. FashionABLE, the brand behind the Mini Tirhas, is providing jobs for those lacking opportunity. 

9. Ayurvedically-dyed Shorts, Sustain by Kat $108

These shorts are my top summer pick! Can you believe they are dyed with over 20 medicinal plants & herbs {including ingredients like acacia, neem, turmeric, and cinnamon}? The shorts were dyed on 100% organic cotton using a form of ayurvedic medicine called Ayuvastra, the notion your skin absorbs the chemicals {good or bad} within your clothing. Sustain understands what we decide to wear impacts our health so why not make sure our clothes are made with this in mind? Not only are these shorts good for you, but they are supporting an ancient tradition in India. The company who creates the fabric employs workers in weaving communities who have been deprived, marginalized and downtrodden. With a fair wage and safe working conditions, they are working towards a more sustainable livelihood.  

10. Khaki Premium & Eco Leather Lace up Sandals, Atelier Alienor $179

I am SO excited to have a pair of lace up sandals to add to my closet. They are so romantic & sweet, and {of course} green! Yet another shade of my favorite footwear color, these little guys can go with almost anything. Stay tuned for Atelier Alienor's feature on Sustainably Chic later this month! You are going to be so impressed with this sustainable craftsmanship. 

11. Linen Shirt, Mila Vert $111

The detailing in this linen fabric is too lovely for words {and unfortunately my camera :P}, but Mila Vert truly knows how to make a blouse. You can see more photos in one of my recent posts, here. Their entire line is so timeless & sophisticated, any piece you add to your wardrobe would be perfect. 

12. The Sleeveless Revolve Dress, Encircled $148

Another amazing 6-in-1 garment you can wear as a dress, tunic or top! It is made from one of my favorite fabrics, Modal {which is made from beechwood trees without chemicals in a closed-loop process}. I wish you could feel how soft it is! Encircled is an ethical brand out of Toronto, Canada who specializes in creating garments made for modern women who are always on the go. Their garments are some of the best to travel with because they don't take up a lot space, can be worn several ways and are wrinkle-resistant. It isn't often you can look great on the plane, but feel comfortable at the same time! 

13. Border Wrap, Mayamam Weavers $44

This lovely wrap you see here is the perfect palette to pair up with your existing wardrobe. There is a big tradition behind it, too. The women who make up the cooperative behind Mayamam Weavers are truly talented. What's so amazing is their commitment to community and sustainable jobs. The women came together to form this cooperative in order to overcome poverty while not having to migrate in the U.S. & leave their families behind. They have now grown to 20 weavers, all who are making a fair wage and learning how to run a business. They even have on-site childcare & adult literacy classes for the community. This wrap comes in several colors, but I find the black and gold to be tres chic ;)

14. Ulyana Double Buckle Leather Belt, Brave $105

This belt will stick with me the rest of my life.. I can already tell. BRAVE Leather creates such a gorgeous product, I've been aching to share them with you this past month! Tomorrow, I will have a complete post so stay tuned!! {tip: this belt looks amazing with high-waisted shorts}

15. Georgia Dress, All the Wild Roses $121

You can't have a closet without a vintage inspired, boho dress, right?! The Georgia is made from 100% lightweight natural cotton making it extremely comfortable, breathable and elegant. Hang {the creator of All the Wild Roses} found a vintage dress during her travels and recreated it through the Georgia. 

Watch the behind the scenes of All the Wild Roses in the Journey of a Dress video. Kira of the Green Hub has also written a great article about their design process. 


Hope you're having fun with your conscious closets!!