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15 Affordable Sustainable Clothing Brands

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This past Spring, I came out with a list of 10 affordable brands within the slow fashion movement, and I have a few more to add to it! Everyday, I'm finding new brands surface who care about how their clothing and accessories are being made and how their production impacts the Earth. It's been pretty amazing to see just how big this movement has become. People ask me all the time "Well where can we shop? I don't know any sustainable brands". Truth is, there are 1,000s - too many for me to get through. This list contains brands I know very well, and ones I find you will enjoy, too. Their prices are below $100, and many tops are priced around $40. I find if you are paying $20 {or less} for a shirt, someone is being taken advantage of {& you are one of them}. Quality is such an important factor when purchasing, and buying a $50 top from one of these brands will surely last you many more years than that H&M or Gap tee. It's time to start appreciating our clothing, and buying pieces we can use and truly treasure for years to come. :)

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1. Swap Society

Well, not a brand, BUT it doesn’t get much cheaper than this {not to mention, eco}. Swap Society is the best online place for clothing swapping & has two types of monthly memberships - LUXE & BASIC. The site works on a point system. When you send your clothing in, a certain amount of points are awarded to you based on brand and quality of garment. With those points you are able to swap it for something of equal.


 Read more about Braintree on the  blog.

Read more about Braintree on the blog.

2. Thought

A UK based brand with eco-friendly fabrics and a slow fashion approach,  Thought has the mantra to live by when it comes to your clothing - ‘Wear Me, Love Me, Mend Me, Pass Me On’. You may remember them from the fall when I listed my Top 15 favorite pieces. I've worn my Check Dress more times than I can count, and my Kara Organic Cotton Chambray Dress will be no different. I'm a bit of a fabric snob, and this brand puts a lot of time and energy into finding the perfect textiles. Hemp, Bamboo, Natural Wool, Organic Cotton, Recycled Poly, Rayon & Tencel... every fabric is sustainably sourced! Plus, their design team is on point, and I'm always excited to see what they come up with next.

3. Siempre Viva

From traditional looming methods to modern design, Siempre Viva is bringing the color and culture of Mexico to fair fashion lovers. Created by Sally January, this new ethical brand was inspired by her passion for the country and their vibrant textiles. While spending many of her teen years there, the people taught her how to truly appreciate life. Wanting to give back, she initiated a business which could help support the artisans and the work she has grown to love. Siempre Viva works directly with indigenous artisans in Suchitlan, Colima and San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas {many products being made in very small villages}.  By hiring the artisans to work and produce for the brand, they are able to provide sustainable employment, fair wages and working conditions and promote bilingualism. 

 Read more about Siempre Viva on the  blog.

Read more about Siempre Viva on the blog.

4. EcoVibe

A boutique & online shop, EcoVibe Apparel is a lovely space full of sustainable & trendy clothing {like the kind you wish your closet was made out of}. Their brick-and-mortar is based in my favorite US city, Portland, Oregon, and - good news for the rest of us - their online store ships worldwide. They carry ten brands within the shops, one of them being their own private line made right here in the USA and ethically imported abroad. EcoVibe's collection focuses on environmentally conscious fabrics like modal, tencel, bamboo and recycled fabric blends. Their designs are timeless, comfortable and perfect for the modern woman. 

 Read more about EcoVibe on the  blog.

Read more about EcoVibe on the blog.

 Read more about Winter Water Factory on the  blog.

Read more about Winter Water Factory on the blog.

5. Winter Water Factory

Based in Brooklyn, this 100% organic clothing brand is giving you and your children the sweetest and softest closet possible. There is a pattern for everyone - from clipper ships & UFOs to colorful floral prints & funky dots - each print will surely put a smile on your face :D Winter Water Factory specializes in USA-made screen printed textiles for babies, girls, boys and women. Using GOTS certified organic cotton, you can feel confident wearing quality clothing made safe for the entire family. Stefanie Lynen, the co-founder, is a self taught designer who draws inspiration from an array of found items like children's books & vintage wallpaper. 


Based in a little town on the Indian Ocean in Mozambique, Pemba is home to ethical fashion brand IKURU, which means strength in the Macua language. This is very fitting for a label with complete transparency and noticeable support for the women behind the clothing. IKURU's heart is the women makers, and creating a brighter Africa is their mission. The women come from vulnerable social and economic backgrounds, and work in IKURU's converted workshop with locally sourced material. They refer to their style as simple, trendy & fresh, and I couldn't agree more!

 Read more about IKURU on the  blog.

Read more about IKURU on the blog.

 Read more about ModerNation on the  blog.

Read more about ModerNation on the blog.

7. ModerNation

A business dedicated to reversing Fast Fashion, ModerNation sources vintage, deadstock & sustainable materials in Southern California giving you truly unique & eco-conscious pieces - so yeah, you probably won't run into your friend at the local coffee shop wearing the same thing. Not only are we supporting a small unique business, we are encouraging the use of already-made textiles. Instead of the previous garment sitting in a landfill and emitting harmful toxins into the air, this fabric has a happy home & a use all over again. 

8. Liz Alig

What had started with a curious consumer asking a few simple questions about the way her clothes were made, Liz Alig has grown into an ethical fashion brand partnering with over ten fair trade cooperatives. A fashion student obsessed with textiles {this I can relate to}, Elizabeth, the creator, had several concerns about the clothing industry after living in Kenya for a summer. She started working with NGOs in India and Honduras, and felt there was a big opportunity to give a better life to those making our clothes. 

 Read more about Liz Alig on the  blog.

Read more about Liz Alig on the blog.

 Read more about Mata Traders on the  blog.

Read more about Mata Traders on the blog.

9. Mata Traders

Mata Traders is an ethical fashion company based in Chicago, IL who partners with fair trade cooperatives in India and Nepal to bring us exciting & vibrant apparel and accessories. By purchasing a dress {or a piece of jewelry} you are supporting women makers and helping them & their families out of poverty. By the way, their new fall collection is GORGEOUS!

10. Slumlove

Created by Ava Darnell in 2013, Slumlove is an ethical clothing line working with women artisans to make beautiful garments, and give back to families living in slums. Inspired by the slum of Kibera, Ava was introduced to a woman who knit school sweaters for children while working there for several years. Together, they sat down and worked to design the first collection. All clothing is handmade with natural and organic cotton by artisan women in Nairobi, Kenya. The artisans are paid a fair wage, respected and given opportunity to build a better life for themselves, their families and communities. With every purchase, a portion of sales is donated to a non-profit providing scholarships to children in one of the world's largest slums. 

 Read more about Slumlove on the  blog.

Read more about Slumlove on the blog.

 Read more about MY SISTER on the  blog.

Read more about MY SISTER on the blog.


Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, MY SISTER is fighting sex trafficking and supporting positive futures for those rescued. The mission: "To create a world where all girls and women are employed to live free from a life of inequality and sex trafficking". For every purchase, 10% of the proceeds goes to support their non-profit partners working to end modern day slavery. MY SISTER takes it a step further and offers opportunity to women survivors by helping them start their professional career as an intern or supporting the makers like jewelry artisans in Nepal. In order for these women to thrive, they must have the necessary tools to do so - education and jobs are among the most important! 


'Sancho’s Dress began on travels through Ethiopia, there we were inrpisred by the unseen and unknown beauty of African Culture. We began by sourcing garments from markets but eventually came to realise that if we could employ manufacturers ourselves we could help them build more sustainable livelihoods." - Sancho's Dress.

13. Love Justly

There aren't excuses to wear clothing which has been unethically produced when you have online shops like Love Justly. Price is fair & affordable and aesthetics are on point, so the usual "it's too expensive" or "this looks frumpy" can't be said. Not allowing it :P Okay, but to be serious I do find this shop to be the perfect stepping stone into curating a more sustainable wardrobe. Love Justly offers clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags, accessories and even a few little kid items.  

14. Bleusalt

An LA-based apparel brand, BLEUSALT is making us re-think eco-friendly fashion. Those words "granola" & "tree-hugger" aren't relevant anymore. BLEUSALT is convincing us that responsibly-made clothing is fun, trendy and fit for the empowered, modern girl. The eco-stereotype is changing quick with a country full of young women who care about the world and their impact on the environment. The word is spreading, and we know how dirty the fashion industry has become. We want to maintain our funky, youthful looks, but at the same time we don't want it to cost the planet. Luckily with BLEUSALT, we are able to continue expressing ourselves through clothing without the guilt. 

15. Les Sublimes

Someone pinch me - I've found the softest black tee on this planet. Based in the lovely city of Paris, Les Sublimes is adding a touch of sustainability and style into our everyday essential garments. Those tees, tanks and dresses that make our wardrobe effortless now have a conscious twist! They don't want us to compromise when it comes to the basics so let us all say 'bye' to that $5 t-shirt & 'hello' to sustainable, accessible, French luxury :D

Hope you enjoy the updated list! 

What are some of your favorite affordable sustainable clothing brands?!