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12 Eco, Ethical & Sustainable Menswear Clothing Brands & Retailers

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updated 1/30/18

hey guys.. you can dress sustainably, too!

While Sustainably Chic has a ton of wonderful women's brands to showcase, I've had several people ask me about men's brands because they want their husbands and boyfriends to be a part of the slow fashion movement, too. It's about time I came out with a list for them! One of my favorites is SALTURA {the hoodie pictured above my boyfriend helped model} since I find the clean & coastal inspired look to be very appealing to many. They make sustainable fashion look cool for dudes & that is exactly what we need. Click below to find an awesome curated list of sustainable men's fashion - there is something for everyone, so men have no excuse! ;) 


A brand centered around local design & coastal vibes, SALTURA creates with the environment & oceans in mind. All garments are designed, woven, dyed, cut and sewn along a 90 mile stretch right here in the US {California}, and consist of graphic tees, board shorts, hoodies & more. Their top choice in fabric is organic cotton - & they picked a pretty soft one!! With 25% of the world's chemicals being used in fertilizers and pesticides for conventional cotton, SALTURA knew they needed to make a difference in our ecosystem by making the switch and supporting organic. Help them support the shift towards the use of eco fabrics by shopping SALTURA online - here -


2. moth oddities


A shop for both men & women, Moth Oddities travels all over the US to find you super unique vintage pieces. Plus, the owners Yana & Ian are awesome people, and I've been lucky enough to hang out with them :D Their photoshoots are hip/trendy/sexy/cool, too, so be sure to follow their Insta for all the shots! 

*use code MOTHCHIC10 for 10% off your entire purchase*

3. Thought Clothing


A UK based brand with eco-friendly fabrics and a slow fashion approach, Thought has the mantra to live by when it comes to your clothing - ‘Wear Me, Love Me, Mend Me, Pass Me On’. 

Hemp, Bamboo, Natural Wool, Organic Cotton, Recycled Poly, Rayon & Tencel... every fabric they use is sustainably sourced! Plus, their design team is on point, and I'm always excited to see what they come up with next.



A Singapore based, socially motivated label focused on travel wear for the modern nomad.

MATTER began with two entrepreneurs who brought artisans and designers together to create travel ready pants with cultural tales. They contribute homage to the history, culture and geography of each area they work with.

Creating a sustainable income for their artisans is of the upmost importance while creating these unique prints with ancient techniques. Very unique & beautifully executed! 

5. Recover


An activewear brand with a sustainable difference, Recover is creating shirts out of plastic bottles.

Founded by two friends {Bill & John}, the idea began on a bike trail back in 2009 to create a business with ethics & environment in mind.

So 8 plastic bottles = 1 shirt! 

This is how they do it: First, they collect bottles. Second, they salvage discarded cotton and blend with polyester. Third, the reclaimed fiber is spun into fabric and sewn into a garment. Now, you are left with some really awesome tees like the Mill Tee pictured. 


6. More Clothing Co. 


More Clothing Co. houses some great ethical clothing companies {like No Nasties pictured on the left} for both men and women.

Each season, they will add upon their curated collection so you are able to mix and match throughout the year.

They say, "We don't need a lot of clothes, just the right ones". So true! 

More Clothing Co. only supports brands of transparency. Not only are you getting a quality product, you are purchasing an article of clothing which was ethically produced with the environment in mind. 



Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, MY SISTER is fighting sex trafficking and supporting positive futures for those rescued.

The mission: "To create a world where all girls and women are employed to live free from a life of inequality and sex trafficking". For every purchase, they donate 6+% to their non-profit partners working to end modern day slavery.

MY SISTER takes it a step further and offers opportunity to women survivors by helping them start their professional career as an intern or supporting the makers like jewelry artisans in Nepal. 

8. The Green Hub


A Brisbane-based business created by Kira Simpson {you may remember her from blogging on Eco Green People}, The Green Hub is the place for sustainable shopping. The layout is gorgeous, and there's an ethical alternative to almost everything you use on a daily basis.

Kira's done a lot of research to make this easy for us - and we give her a big THANK YOU for that ;)

The curated men's collection has everything from pjs to business attire.

9. Slumlove


Created by Ava Darnell in 2013, Slumlove is an ethical clothing line working with women artisans to make beautiful garments, and give back to families living in slums.

Inspired by the slum of Kibera, Ava was introduced to a woman who knit school sweaters for children while working there for several years.

Together, they sat down and worked to design the first collection.

All clothing is handmade with natural and organic cotton by artisan women in Nairobi, Kenya. 

10. HOPE Made


Serious about where their fabric is sourced, HOPE Made has been certified under the Child Labor Free mark which ensures every step of the manufacturing process is free from child labor and holds high ethical standards for the workers involved.

Since HOPE Made does not produce everything in house or grow their own material working with certified farmers and factories, as well as logistic companies like eco-minded Verde, help keep the entire chain transparent and honest. 

11. Nube9


What happens when a Seattle basketball mom becomes angry over plastic bottle waste leftover at games?

She creates a clothing line to help combat the issue!

Ruth True, also a big supporter of the arts, wanted to help spread the conversation about consumerism and waste through one of my favorite outlets, fashion.

In 2014, she started the Nube9 uniform, made out of U.S.-sourced, post-consumer, recycled plastic water bottles. What started with one reversible jersey for young basketball players, has turned into a line providing uniforms for 7 more sports, and now, a street collection.

12. Green Orchyd


In 2013, Christine Myint was online searching for fashionable clothing which did not compromise the Earth and its people.

She found it difficult to find everything she loved within one location.

Green Orchyd began as a need - somewhere any man, woman or child {with their parents, of course} could shop and feel right about the product they were buying.