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10 Sustainable Scarves, Bandanas & Wraps

Conscious ListsNatalie Kay

the perfect accessory when things get a bit chilly...or in lieu of a statement necklace!



Champagne & Pearl Infinity Scarf

Brand: Mayamam Weavers

Price: $25

A wonderful way to dress up your holiday outfits, this scarf is hand woven in cotton in a light and airy weave the weavers call "weave a little, leave a little".

 About Mayamam Weavers: 

Mayamam Weavers are based in Morriston, NJ & are proud members of the Fair Trade Federation. The artisans use weaving techniques of Mayan culture to create their accessories and home goods.


 Black & Blue Border Wrap

Brand: Mayamam Weavers

Price: $44

I like to wear my cotton border wraps around the house and when I'm out shopping. It's like a mini blanket to throw on when you get a little cold. 

More About Mayamam Weavers: 

The women came together to form this cooperative in order to overcome poverty while not having to migrate in the U.S. & leave their families behind. Today, they have grown to 20 artisans, all who are making a fair wage and learning how to run a business. 


Cashmere Blend Fringed Wrap

Brand: Thread Tales Co. 

Price: £300

Made from 30% cashmere & 70% wool, this gorgeous wrap is total luxury, and is hand woven by artisans in Nepal. 

About Thread Tales Co.:

Based on traditions and culture, Thread Tales Co. is putting purpose back into fashion. Sustainability is at the core of their business, and they love to utilize the best in natural fibers like; Lotus, Cashmere, Merino, Cotton, Linen, Camel and Yak wool.


Honey Bee Scarf

Brand: Beastly Threads

Price: $100

The Honeybee Scarf is made from organic cotton, and was designed in Brooklyn, hand block printed by artisans in Bagru, India with natural, non-toxic dyes, and then cut & sewn in the USA. $10 will be donated to Natural Resources Defense Council who is working to reverse the decline in honeybee populations.


About Beastly Threads:

Beastly Threads is full of beautiful eco-ethical textiles supporting wildlife protection and habitat conservation.


 Windy Mantle

Brand: Wild Mantle 

Price: $162

This incredibly soft Italian merino/alpaca blend is perfect for the season transition - and how about this color?! Made in the USA, this mantle is crafted on an antique knitting machine.


About Wild Mantle

All Wild Mantle pieces are made in the USA under ethical & fair production. Avi, the creator, takes so much pride in every new design introduced in the Wild Mantle collection.


 Asha Bandana

Brand: Anchal

Price: $28

The Asha Bandana is hand-stitched from 2 layers of 100% certified organic cotton, and it's probably one of my favorite color combinations - what they call bone,slate,gold


About Anchal

A non-profit social enterprise, Anchal is providing alternative careers in textiles to marginalized and exploited women in India.


Let’s Make Equality Reality

Brand: Round Plus Square

Price: $95

Upgrade your look with this beautiful silk bandana. It looks great wrapped around your hair, wrist, neck or in your pocket!


About Round Plus Square:

Created by fashion designer and entrepreneur Henriette Ernst, ROUND + SQUARE focuses on style, substance and sustainability while empowering women and raising awareness for gender equality. 


Hideaway Bandana

Brand: United by Blue 

Price: $8

Every bandana sold removes one pound of trash! You can even share it with your pup ;) Made with 100% organic cotton.


About United by Blue:

This brand creates responsible durable goods perfect for outdoors. Not only are their designs thoughtful, they help clean up trash in the world’s oceans and waterways! So far they have removed 1,108,117 pounds of trash!!


Dancing Foxes Scarf

Brand: Wyilda

Price: $182

This scarf is made with the finest raw materials which are free from toxic chemicals & a low carbon footprint.

 About Wyilda:

Wyilda was formed out of a need to make a difference, and continue to show the world's true beauty. 



Mangodigo Silk Scarf

Brand: The Batik Boutique

Price: $42

The Mangodigo Silk Scarf is extremely soft, and made from 100% silk with eco-friendly mangosteen and indigo dye.


About The Batik Boutique

They are an award-winning social enterprise working to alleviate poverty in Malaysia. The women are trained to produce gifts and accessories from mesmerizing batiks made by artisan families in rural Malaysia.