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10 Sustainable Handbags & Totes for the Conscious Lady

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Tote Responsibly

I made one of these posts last year, but since then I've found so many wonderful new brands! From vegan leather to artisan-made, there is something for everyone in this list. So instead of saving up for that Kors bags, tote one of these instead ;)

Cheat Sheet

A = Artisan; Bag supports sustainable livlihoods and crafts / V = Vegan; Made with vegan materials / P = Philanthropic; Profits support a cause

20170310-product0092_1024x1024 (1).jpg

1. The Pixley, Filbert $325 {V}

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2. Senanga Shopper, Juuty $200 {A}

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3. Leather Backpack, ENAT $138 {A}

4. Natalie Cork Crossbody, Nina Bernice $90 {V}

5. 3 Way Clutch, The Batik Boutique $64 {A}

6. Indigo Tote, eba totes $195 {V}

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7. Nina Crossbody, Bloom & Give $65 {A, P}

8. Quetzal Backpack, Kakaw Designs $140 {A}

9. SABIDURÍA ClutchGenesis Fair Trade $38 {A}

10. M Crossbody, Sapahn $248 {A}