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10 Natural, Organic & Cruelty-Free Beauty and Skincare Products

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most definitely worth trying! 

Ah, another list & another great group of products I have come to love over the months. We all should be concerned about what we put on our skin, after all, it is our largest organ. It's important to feel confident about what's in our makeup, lotions, bug spray... All of these products listed are free of harmful chemicals & do their best to keep their carbon footprint low. They are products I use almost everyday, and ones I think you will really enjoy!! Click below to explore...

1. Illuminating Face Serum by Orenda Skin Care


Created by sisters, Jane & Renee, this face serum took two years of research and finding the perfect ingredients. Beginning with whole and healthy ingredients, it was important to them to not compromise the formula and to stay in line with their beliefs. Renee began her sourcing much like shopping for produce - fresh, wild, organically grown, local and honest. For each ingredient, they went through great lengths to justify its sustainable properties and transparency. The Australian Sandalwood oil {Santalum Spicatum} found in the serum is ethically managed and sustainably farmed, unlike its unethical & over harvested counterpart found in the Indian Sandalwood (Santalum Album) tree. Their lavender {probably my favorite ingredient ever} is wild harvested, high elevation lavender from France - they sampled dozens before landing on this treasure. Orenda's Illuminating Face Serum is a total luxury blend which helps fight against signs of aging, protects and repairs damaged skin, promotes organic collagen production and delivers nutrient-dense hydration. It smells fantastic, and I haven't gone a day without using! 

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2. Aura Multi Use Blush by Vapour Organic Beauty

$59 for green-beauty box

Received this in my EsthoriaBox this month! Finding the right 'everyday' blush color can be hard, but I think I've found a winner. It glides on easy, and I use my fingertips to blend it in. Also, I prefer this type of blush application to powder - the color always appears brighter on my skin. Coolest part, you can use this as a lipstick or eyeshadow, too. The Spark shade is a wonderful natural lip color, and adds a bit of shine to your lids.

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3. Loose Face Powder by Olga's Organics


The first USDA Organic Certified Loose Powder in the USA! It goes on so smooth, smells great and feels very natural. Personally, I love not feeling caked on with makeup so I find it to be the perfect balance of coverage. Use their Vegan Kabuki Brush for application. Best part, you can actually pronounce all the ingredients in this foundation. They use Lavender Essential Oil, Ginger, Cacao, Nutmeg, Arrowroot, Cinnamon and Bentonite Clay. 

4. Face Cream by Spinster Sisters


Created by Kelly Perkins, Spinster Sisters was created as an "alternative to the witches’ brew of chemicals that many modern skin care products represent". They make sure their ingredients are recognizable to the customer, natural AND sustainably sourced. The shea & cocoa butters are purchased from fair-trade women producers in Ghana, and many of the other ingredients are grown right in-house or bought locally. Even their packaging is eco-friendly, recycled and simple. The hint of lavender and roses, as well as the moisturizing shea and cocoa butter, in their Face Cream makes my skin feel refreshed & hydrated. It stays close to me, and sits right on the nightstand ready for me every morning and night! I even like mixing a few shots of Orenda's Face Serum with it. 

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5. Organic Lip Balms by Kiss Me Honey


Certified USDA Organic, All Natural, Paraben Free, Chemical Free & Certified Cruelty Free : this balm has it all. Not only is it meant to soothe dry or chapped lips, but it also protects them from harsh temperatures and other factors which can cause irritation. Plus, they are made right here in the US in Las Vegas, Nevada. Choose from three flavors {or don't, you can get all three!}: Cooling Mint, Tropical Coconut & Strawberry Sweetness. The strawberry is my favorite and takes me back to the 90s and my Lip Smacker days :D The mint is ultra soothing, and the coconut takes me to paradise. I recommend trying them all since they are so different in flavor. Just add one to each handbag ;)

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6. Facial Mist by Boyd's Farm


Boyd's Farm offers natural, organic bath and beauty products - {& they smell AMAZING}. Katherine, the creator, had been worried about what she was putting on her family's skin, and began transitioning into a more organic lifestyle. She left the Air Force, and pursued her dream of owning a farm and creating products safe for everyone to use. Taking care of their community is extremely important to Boyd's Farm, and this is represented in the organic ingredients and recycled packaging - no preservatives, toxic chemicals or synthetic fragrance oils. With 100% natural fragrance, you can't feel more refreshed. Their Sweet Lime Facial Mist is a great morning boost, and the first thing I put on when I wake up. 

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7. Coffee Scrub by Optiat


Coffee isn't just the best thing to wake up to in the morning, it is amazing for your skin, too! With the enormous amount of coffee grounds we consume a day, it's nice to know some brands are putting it to good use {zerowaste!!}. Optiat takes Arabica coffee grounds, and all-natural ingredients to help moisturize, stimulate blood circulation, reduce cellulite & acne and create smooth & silky skin. Who knew caffeine could be so useful on the body?! The Lemongrass & Peppermint Coffee Scrub is energizing and stimulating for the skin. If you love a really fresh scent, this is perfect for you! Lemongrass works as a pain reliever, and helps boost confidence and energy. Peppermint stimulates the mind {I think it works great for headaches}, and gives your skin a healthy glow. 

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8. Bug Repellent by Kosmatology


With 15 years experience as a compounding pharmacist, Dr. Covey created Kosmatology out of a need to have high-quality organic and natural skin care products. After her youngest child, Cameron {aka The Peanut} developed a very troublesome case of eczema, she was prescribed corticosteroid cream. Dr. Covey knew all the side effects which came with such steroid creams {thinning of skin / slowed growth}, and she wanted to find an alternative. Not being able to find exactly what she was looking for, Dr. Covey set out to create it herself. Kosmatology's Bug Repellent Balm really works, and it does so in the most natural way possible. By using proven bug repellents like rosemary, thyme, lemon and lavender, this balm is safe for the entire family. With shea butter and coconut oil, it moisturizes your skin at the same time, too! 

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9. Organic Body Lotion by a sunshine garden

the shop is taking a mini vacation, but should be up the end of August for you to purchase!

Created by Emily Bharatiya, a sunshine garden offers clean products for clean people. Wanting to work for herself with children at home, Emily began making natural products during her first pregnancy. What the family consumes, puts on their skin and uses in their home has always been extremely important to her. She realized how difficult it was to find other organic and natural  products {not to mention, some of their prices}, so she sought out to create accessible, inexpensive natural products in small batches. This lotion is like swimming in a sea of lavender, my absolute favorite plant and scent. 

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10. Lipstick by ILIA


I'm all for a sultry lip color, and one that moisturizes while wearing is even better. ILIA lipstick uses organic ingredients, and is cruelty-free certified. If you are looking to turn to greener beauty, they offer a wide range of makeup products. For lip gloss, I love Vapour's Elixir Plumping Gloss.

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What are some of your favorite green beauty & skincare finds?!