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10 Eco Tips for 'Greener' Hygiene

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be healthy while protecting the planet...

Those daily rituals we typically don't put a lot of thought to can take up a lot of resources and can be quite damaging on not only our health but the environment, as well. I'm talking brushing your teeth, washing your hands, doing laundry.. you know, the ways we make our lives so fresh & clean :D I've changed my habits a lot over the last 7 years, and I'm still working on things. If you are new to this eco lifestyle, and want to be more conscious about what you use everyday, I think I can help give you a few easy {inexpensive, too} ways to make your hygiene routine a little more green! 

1. Use less TP & install a bidet. I'm serious about this, too. Ever since I've installed my Tushy, I can't not have one in my bathroom. Not only are you using less paper, but it's healthier for you. Wiping with dry paper is creating around 30 million annual cases of of hemorrhoids, UTIs, yeast infections, anal fissures, anal itching and other annoyances. So yeah - no thank you! psst.. they make bamboo TP, too!

2. Use pads, organic tampons or a menstrual cup {whichever you prefer!}. We all know conventional menstrual products aren't putting our health first. They are full of toxic chemicals, and we know that cotton isn't organic {unless stated otherwise, of course!}. Hannahpad is working to save us money and the planet. Their reusable pads aren't only made with super cute patterns, but they last you a few years and then will later biodegrade {because they are made of the natural stuff!}. 

3. Use hand soap that helps eliminate odors safely. Did you know most soaps just mask the odor from toxic chemicals instead of really breaking them down?  Companies like EnviroKlenz have odor-neutralizing earth mineral technology that actually works to break down the odors while preventing them from coming back. They combine their patented formula with castile-based soap to create their Odor Neutralizing Hand Soap. I love the fact it's fragrance-free, and made for all skin types. Sometimes you just want to give your hands a good washing after being out all day!  {p.s. EnviroKlenz has a 30 day money back gaurantee & free shipping on orders of $75+}

4. Use detergents and soaps made to prolong your clothes and maintain your health. Probiotics are great when washing your under garments and feminine products. Hannahpad's Probiotic Soap is full of effective microorganisms working to clear your pads of unwanted bacteria. Also, if you are a big thrifter, I highly suggest trying out EnviroKlenz's Laundry Enhancer which works to rid strong odors in order to not activate your allergies and other sensitivities. My vintage collecting habit really appreciates this! 

5. Use a bamboo toothbrush. We all have to brush our teeth, which means we are going through a ton of toothbrushes. Our landfills are filling up with these plastic toothbrushes, and I think it's about time we doing something about this. One of the easiest 'green' switches I made in the bathroom was with my toothbrush. Mable brushes work just as well as any other toothbrush, without all the waste guilt. And now you can find them in multiple colors & kid sized! 

6. Use an all-natural toothpaste. Lately, I've been using WITH MY toothpaste in Spearmint, and it's so refreshing. This toothpaste is made from 26 natural ingredients - all of them being EWG Verified, Cruelty-Free & Vegan. Plus, every time you buy from WITH MY you are helping build a Kindergarten in rural Cambodia. 1 Toothpaste = 10 Bricks & 40,000 can build a Kindergarten! 

7. Use a tongue scraper. Not only does I Love Truthpaste have a great tasting toothpaste {you should try this one, too!}, they make a tongue scraper! I've never used one until a few months ago, and now I try to make it a habit. Tongue scrapers help with bad breath, digestion & work to boost your immunity. 

8. Use eco-friendly towels. You spend so much time getting clean, you should care about what you dry yourself off with. Organic cotton towels are friendly to the farmers, land and you! For my hair, I use Lakeshore Dry Goods because they are the perfect size, and help combat frizz and damage while helping dry your hair quicker. They also come in super cute patterns, so all the better ;) My terry body towel is from Hope & Twine, and is seriously one of the softest towels I've used. It even becomes softer the more you use it! 

9. Use clean beauty products. Whatever you put on your skin, ends up in your body. I have a ton of posts featuring green beauty brands I've been using throughout the years, and my skin has never felt smoother, clearer or stronger before. 

10. Use less water. Well this is an obvious tip... ;) You've probably been told since you were a child to not leave the faucet on when you brush your teeth or take quicker showers.. etc.. in not wanting to sound like a broken record, I've found a super cool way to use less water that you probably haven't seen yet. The Gentle Washer can wash up to 12 garments with half a teaspoon of detergent in about 5 minutes. It only uses 4.8 gallons of water, and protects your most delicate clothes. I think a part of good hygiene is taking care of the things we wear everyday, and this machine is doing so in a big 'green' kind of way!