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Mochila from Weaving Hope Collection,   Hope Made    $169   

Mochila from Weaving Hope Collection, Hope Made $169


Morgana Layered Cropped Jumper ,  Thought Clothing  $98   

Morgana Layered Cropped Jumper, Thought Clothing $98


Solar Palms Kimono,   Thought Clothing  $92   

Solar Palms Kimono, Thought Clothing $92


Aromatherapy Organic Scarf ,  Therapy Threads  $45  {use code  CHIC15  for 15% off your entire purchase}

Aromatherapy Organic Scarf, Therapy Threads $45

{use code CHIC15 for 15% off your entire purchase}

Bree Flat Sandal,   Laidback London  $99   

Bree Flat Sandal, Laidback London $99


Sneakers,   Baabuk  $147   

Sneakers, Baabuk $147


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Hope Made in the World -

You may be familiar with Hope Made’s sweater collection since I’ve had a few showcased on the blog in the past. Recently, they have come out with a mochila collection that is just as beautiful as the rest of their line. The Weaving Hope Collection features the Arhuaco mochila made by indigenous tribes in Colombia. Hope Made was founded on the principles of sustainability and fair work, and this collection is just another way for them to support their mission of sustainable fashion. The Arhuaco group, the makers behind the mochilas, ‘believe in the existence of a creator and a great father, and their mission is to preserve the natural order of the earth and its surroundings’. This particular set of mochila’s featured at Hope Made embodies women’s empowerment, culture & sustainable development. Each one will be unique since the weaving process is different for every mochila. I have the “Ave de las Alturas” meaning Bird of the Heights, and the craftsmanship is just stunning. Plus, I love how big the strap is because it fits quite comfortably on your shoulder and allows the bag to move with you. It’s quite hard to choose a favorite on there because they are all so unique and gorgeous, but good news for you - we are giving away a mochila on Instagram from April 2nd-5th!!! I’m sure this will be a giveaway you don’t want to miss ;)



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Thought Clothing -

One of my favorite sustainable fashion brands from the beginning, Thought always has me in anticipation for their next collection. From their fabrics to the in-house designed prints, there really is a lot of ‘thought’ put behind each piece. I was very happy to be able to find something I could wear during my pregnancy and after from their newest Spring collection. Probably the coolest print in my closet {& something any Florida gal would appreciate}, the Solar Palms Kimono Short Palm Print Kimono is made from 100% tencel. If you read this blog, I’m sure you know how much I love tencel and its closed-loop, mindful production. It’s a semi-synthetic fabric with a great touch and wear. Even with the colorful 3D print, this kimono pairs well with a lot in my current wardrobe, and is a great weight for this time of year. The Morgana Layered Knit Cropped Jumper is exactly what my pregnant body needs right now. Loose and flowy enough to wear with this big belly, the Morgana tunic is made from organic cotton, linen and bamboo {comes in a pretty lagoon blue, too}. I’ve been pairing these two pieces together and separately with other items in my ‘limited’ spring wardrobe. Don’t they make you feel excited for Spring!? 


green beauty:

Jasmine Rice Day Cream ,  Banyan Tree Essentials  $44

Jasmine Rice Day Cream, Banyan Tree Essentials $44

Illuminating Face Wash ,  Orenda  $47  {use code  Sustainably25  for 25% off through 4/28/18} 

Illuminating Face Wash, Orenda $47

{use code Sustainably25 for 25% off through 4/28/18} 

Jasmine Rice Night Cream ,  Banyan Tree Essentials  $50

Jasmine Rice Night Cream, Banyan Tree Essentials $50

Organic Body Polish ,  Olga's Organics  $32

Organic Body Polish, Olga's Organics $32

Organic & Mineral Lip Tints ,  Olga's Organics  $12

Organic & Mineral Lip Tints, Olga's Organics $12

Organic Whipped  Body Butter ,  Olga's Organics  $34

Organic Whipped  Body Butter, Olga's Organics $34

eco home:

Coffee,  La Terza $19   

Coffee, La Terza $19


Creative Sacs 3 Piece Set,   Urbana Sacs  $87

Creative Sacs 3 Piece Set, Urbana Sacs $87

Rooibos Tea,   My Red Tea  $20

Rooibos Tea, My Red Tea $20