Why do I charge for posts?

besides the many benefits to building exposure for sustainable brands...

 I write about sustainability. Sustainably Chic needs an economy to be sustainable {i.e. a paycheck for me}

I advocate for fair wages for all, and I should be included. 

 I'm offering a service, and it has value. My following has grown to over 60k in two years, and I've created an audience Google clicks and Facebook boosts don't offer.

I write, take photos and promote your brand, which ends up taking a full day and then some. Technically, I'm paid way under minimum wage when all is said and done. {I'm okay with that, I just started charging this year and it's a baby step process} This doesn't include the number of hours a day I put into promoting Sustainably Chic, which is just as important in order to grow a larger audience for you. 


I don't answer all emails sent, and I most certainly don't work with any brands I can not support. Even though you are still paying a small fee to be a part of the site, I genuinely love what each brand offers on Sustainably Chic and will always promote with honesty. The only way Sustainably Chic will stay running is through the support of you. :) Thanks for taking the time to read. If you have any other questions, I'm an open book & I'd be happy to answer! 


I have this question asked about once a week, so I thought this would be a great page to put together. I'll add more in the future!