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Sustainably Chic is a blog & community for the conscious consumer. 

Natalie features brands which have adopted sustainable
practices throughout their business model. Think you fit the mold?
She would love to hear from you! 


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Monthly Pageviews: 15.6k          
Monthly Visitors: 6.5k
Daily Pageviews Average: 550  
Daily Unique Visitors Average: 225
Top Countries: USA, UK, Canada, Australia & Germany

Instagram: 61.2k
Twitter: 3.5k


pricing & packages


Social Media Shout Out: $70 w.out product / $50 w. product

Shared 2x on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter.

Without sending product, the submitted photo & content must be approved.

Product sent will be photographed.


Giveaway: $55

Hosted on Instagram.

Must be a value of $125 or more, and have participated in a previous blog package or social media shout out w. product.


Sponsored Post: $160 w.out product / $110 w. product

Individual Blog Post featuring your brand only.

Optional Discount Code in Shopping section for the month.

Featured in 'Brands to Love' for a year.

3 Social Media Posts shared on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter.

Product sent will be photographed.


{Because this blog is honest at all times, all brands/product must be approved. I will never support anything I do not believe in}

*In order to create the most genuine experience for SC viewers, knowing the product first hand is very important. Product will not be returned. If you wish to hold on to your product (or it is not applicable to Natalie's lifestyle), there are options for posts without product*

Contact Natalie Kay at for any questions regarding this Media Kit & Packages.

I want to thank you for the continued support of this site, and will do my very best to keep prices reasonable. This is my full time gig, and SC would not exist if it weren't for you! - Natalie

There is a shift in the ethical blogger community to promote paying bloggers a fair wage. If you are curious as to why I charge, please read this small write up



"I was blown away by the collaboration with Sustainably Chic.  Natalie not only did a thorough review, but it was also aesthetically lovely.  She really took the time to understand my company so that she could communicate it to her readers.  She has a curated following that was a perfect fit for my fair trade gift company, and I have enjoyed connecting with them.  I highly recommend working with Sustainably Chic!" - Molly Acord of Fair + Simple

"I highly recommend working with Natalie. Since her first blog post, our brand has gained significant exposure, brand awareness and sales. Natalie's brand 'sustainably - chic' is well established in the sustainable fashion/beauty category, so her word goes a long way. Natalie is also very punctual and responsive, working with her has been a pleasure. We hope to continue working with her and growing our brand." - Gilmar A. of Mable 

"Working with Natalie has been an absolute pleasure. Her aesthetic and the quality of her writing helped elevate our brand and brought our eco-friendly phone cases to passionate and conscious consumers. We are a small team with limited resources so having Natalie's photography to use on our platforms was invaluable." - Sunta Sem of Pela