Conscious Fashion Terms Defined

I’ve decided to come up with this short list of terms we are using quite frequently within this wonderful mindful fashion movement. Being around the industry for almost 7 years, I’ve seen a few become more popular than others and some definitions just butchered. 


{it's under construction because there aren't enough hours in the day to everything I want to do!}

Sustainable Fashion:

In my opinion, this is the umbrella term for the ones listed below. It encompasses all the good stuff: environment, economics and society. Simply put- the garment was made under fair conditions, out of eco-minded materials and creates economic opportunity {while sometimes preserving an ancient craft}. Sustainability is a concept you can apply to everything in life, and the way you apply it will be different for everyone. It's pretty subjective because of its complexity. Sustainable fashion isn't easy, and it will change with the times. 

Ethical Fashion: 

Eco Fashion:

Slow Fashion