Sustainably Chic

Vegan Urban Couture

Natalie Kay


We all know how much it takes to put together a wedding. I worked in the bridal and formalwear industry before, and it is truly an expensive day for you and your bridesmaids. Because of this, there are thousands of counterfeit sites creating cheap and {completely} unsustainable products. Let's face it, no one wants to spend a fortune on a  dress they can only wear once. While the bridal industry is trying its best to put an end to the counterfeits, some are coming up with an even better idea. Meet Daniela Degrassi, the creator of Annaborgia. The concept behind her line is being able to wear your dress or pant suit again. No more boring 'same ol' bridesmaid dresses you only have one place to wear. You can now justify buying a beautiful {eco-friendly} product, and being able to take it out of your closet for another event! 

Tell us about Annaborgia and how sustainability is incorporated into your business.

Annaborgia Vegan Urban Couture is the new Ethical Luxury brand for conscious fashionistas. Our philosophy is being able to express our strong esthetic sense without harming animals and our planet. Our cruelty-free fine japanese textiles are not processed with toxic dyes and meet the industry high quality standards. We support Fair Trade and produce locally in San Francisco. 

How did Annaborgia begin?

My long career in wedding photography surely enriched my sense of style. Looking for a new creative outlet after 15 rewarding years behind the camera, I decided to help a friend involved in a social media fashion project and that lit an unstoppable fuse. Attending a live runway show at Milan Fashion Week literally changed my life. My subconscious quickly lead the way. I had visions of new designs in my night dreams and I decided to start sketching and researching on how to start my own label. During the planning process I had a personal epiphany and chose a vegan lifestyle. That prompted me to look for cruelty-free textiles and lead me also to learn more about sustainability in fashion. 

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

As a consumer, i care about comfort, quality and being able to wear outfits not just for one season. I find myself designing minimalist lines that can transition well from a social to a casual scene. I love elegant, timeless pieces that will always feel current. One of Annaborgia’s goals is to reinterpret wedding attire. We’d love to apply sustainability to bridal and bridesmaids outfits. Why not wear something stylish that you can easily re-wear again? Our Stella Dress (inspired by designer Stella McCartney) is a clear example. Neutral colors, clean lines will always be the popular items in your closet. 

What are your favorite materials to use?

Annaborgia signature cruelty-free textiles used for our mini debut collection is definitely a favorite, and is a toxic-free dyed satin polyester by Zentex. It has a light, silky feel and great anti-wrinkle properties which makes it ideal for travel. We’d love to explore more eco-friendly materials very soon. We’re intrigued by the new Ultrasuede technology and faux wool. Textile shows can be a bit overwhelming for a start up so we’re taking things slow and learning a lot in the process.  

What are the future plans for Annaborgia?

This first year in business made us think a lot. We’ve worked with a local manufacturer but are now more interested in a sartorial approach to have maximum control on our production. That’s what we’ll be focusing on in 2016. As we’ll keep reaching out to the bridal and traveller markets it may be time to  design a winter collection and experiment with new textile technologies. We feel so lucky to be part of a new fashion movement, and helping build  awareness around sustainability while doing Luxury Fashion the gentle way. 

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