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I love finding new blogs dedicated to sustainability, and this one is so beautifully put together! Aimee, the blogger behind Tomorrow Living, shares with us her personal journey to a more sustainable lifestyle. Her posts are composed of beauty finds, shopping tips and news within the sustainable movement. Enjoy reading - here -

Tell us about Tomorrow Living and how sustainability is incorporated into your blog.

Tomorrow Living is my personal little corner of the internet where I try and work out the best ways to incorporate sustainability and ethical lifestyle choices into the daily life of a student. In a culture where everything is throw-away, fast and wasteful, Tomorrow Living helps me order my thoughts and find the small, daily changes that twenty-somethings can make to the benefit of our planet and its people. Like many women my age, I've always been fascinated by fashion and beauty, but through blogging I have discovered how these can both be a force for good when done with care. For this reason, Tomorrow Living focuses most of its attention on green beauty and ethical fashion, with a smattering of social justice issues on the side. It's always so exciting to find new organisations doing something incredible in these fields, and to be a part of a community where sustainability is such a huge concern.

What inspired you to start your blog?

I've always loved reading blogs, perhaps because I'm super nosy and love the insight it gives you into other people's lives! However, I was inspired to write my own after spending January and February of this year in India. I went out as part of an exposure program with TEAR Australia, a charity for which I interned whilst on a year abroad. We spent two months getting to know India and its beautiful people, as well as all the challenges they face. I was particularly struck by the effect of climate change on villages in rural India - while we hear a lot of the rhetoric about the impact of climate change over here in the West, it is very rare that we actually see what our desperate need to consume and live beyond our means can do to some of the world's most marginalised people. It was from that moment I knew I wanted to start a longer term project which explored simple ways to be sustainable and mindful about what we put on our faces and clothe our bodies in. 

What are your favorite topics to write about?

My favourite topics to write about are green beauty and ethical fashion; it just seemed very natural for me to write about them, given my longstanding fascination with both topics. As a student, I don't have a whole heap of money to spend on either of these things, so I really love being thrifty with fashion. It's incredible what people can do on a tight budget, and I'm super inspired by charities such as TRAID in the UK, who make second hand clothes uniquely stylish.There are so many bloggers who have a knack for making thrifted/charity shop clothes look bang on trend - I really look up to this. It's also pretty incredible to see how green beauty can have such a positive impact - by shying away from the chemicals in conventional cosmetics, you're not only supporting a healthier environment, but also genuinely nourishing your skin. 

Do you have a few ethical brands you are crazy about this season? 

This is a tricky one - there are so many awesome brands out there! However, with the Christmas holidays fast upon us, I'm keen to get my hands on some more Lyonsleaf products - grown on a small farm in Somerset in the UK, these 100% natural skincare products are an actual dream. They work SO well, feel luxurious, and contain 100% active ingredients - plus, no nasties. Their products would make a great gift! I'm also looking forward to trying some Rubies in the Rubble chutneys over Christmas - they make all their products from surplus fruit and vegetables, in a bid to reduce the excessive amount of waste we produce. Their flavours sound pretty special, and I absolutely adore their commitment embracing the resources we already have.

What are the future plans for Tomorrow Living?

First up, I totally need to up my photography game! That's my biggest challenge over the next couple of weeks/months.I want to make Tomorrow Living look more unique, so hopefully by spending some time learning camera tips and tricks I'll achieve this. I'm also hoping to do a small series on waste in the run up to Christmas, as I feel like it's a pretty big issue to address in this excessively materialistic period. Longer term, I'm hoping to profile students in the UK who do amazing things with second hand fashion, to showcase how diverse and accessible it can be. 


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