Helping you Curate a Conscious Closet

Mindful Style

Do you spend too much time and energy deciding what to wear?
Are there too many items in your closet you regret buying?
Are you concerned about fashion’s impact on the environment?
— Betsy Ames of Mindful Style

Do those questions relate to you? If so, Mindful Style is here to help! Betsy, the creator, is the conscious closet curator we all need at home, especially for those who are just getting into a more 'thoughtful' wardrobe. We all love fashion and being able to express ourselves by what we wear, but overindulging and overbuying is never a good thing! She figures out what you need, what you don't need and how to build a more sustainable closet. 

How is sustainability incorporated into your business, and what led you to create it? 

I found that after years in and out of the fashion business that I wasn't satisfied with following trends and being concerned about what my outside looked like anymore. 

As I matured I found that I became more content and comfortable when my inside was at peace. Every time I looked at my closet and saw the mass of clothes I didn't wear I felt agitated. The start of my biz was paring down my closet and wearing what I had - my classic beautiful pieces -again and again. 

I ended up with piles of clothes to get rid of! I researched how and where to give them thus learned a lot about the overload of textiles in landfills, garment manufacturing toxic waste and and the treatment of workers. There has been very little effort towards sustainable manufacturing. How crazy was it I had NO IDEA the effect of the business I had been in for 20 plus years had on our world. 
Mindful Style is a result of my experience as a stylist and the information I feel driven to share about how where and what we buy that's hurting us all.

What is your fashion background?

My first job out of college was in the fashion department of Glamour magazine where I had a hands on education into the market and styling world of fashion. After a brief stint on 7th avenue as a wholesale rep, I became a personal stylist of luxury products at Bloomingdales 59th St where I worked with A list clients. Fast forward 4 children and close to 15 years later I got back in the business as a stylist at Madewell. 

What is your closet curating process? 

My process is very simple! For each piece in their closet I ask my clients "would you buy this item today?" If they say "no" then it goes in the out pile, if "yes" she tries it on and I look at its fit and condition. If "maybe" we will discuss why there is hesitation. I am pretty tough and believe all the clients' clothes end staying for a good reason or are given away. 

What are the future plans for Mindful Style?

My most recent news is I have paired with a local store, Alchemy Hour in Maplewood NJ, whose clothes I love and are manufactured in the US.  Plus, I have been speaking to women's groups and high school design classes, educating them about the effect of the clothing business on the environment and what they can do to help. 

Natalie Kay