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The Many Benefits of Argan Oil

In the beginning of this month, I reviewed the Longer Lash product by Green Esthetics and had wonderful results. This product is no different. I've always been a fan of argan oil, most of my products contain small amounts, but this was the first time I have ever used it by itself. I love the versatility of this product - being able to apply it  to my hair, nails and skin makes it a one-stop go-to. 

Argan oil is produced from the tiny nuts of the argan tree which flourish the forests of Morocco. I did some research and found several benefits to using this natural oil.

  • moisturizes skin
  • conditions and shines hair
  • helps prevent signs of aging
  • heals and treats damaged skin
  • strengthens nails
  • reduces the development of stretch marks

The list could go on a little longer, but these 6 benefits really stood out to me and are enough to make me incorporate a few drops into my daily regimen.

Want to try some for yourself? You can order Argan Oil by Green Esthetics in the Trunk Show starting at $16.95. 


A few photos for some smiles :D I'm visiting my grandparents who live in Ponte Vedra Beach, and a turtle laid some eggs on my Grandmaman's birthday this past July - still waiting for them to hatch! #thelittlethings

Natalie Kay