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I've really enjoyed getting to know several women behind Color by Amber. All so genuine & happy to work for such a wonderful company! Makes me smile :D Isabelle Rochon, from Ontario, is one of these lovely ladies. She gives us insight to some of her favorite jewelry currently on the site & why she loves working for Color by Amber. 

p.s. Purchase from her, let her know you saw the post & she will include a gift! Happy shopping!!

Tell us about Color by Amber and how sustainability is incorporated into your business.

Who is Amber? Well, she started out as more of an idea than an actual person. Amber is the process of capturing materials from around the world, and encapsulating them in our recycled ecoresin. But she's become much more than that...

Amber is smart about her life, she cares about others, she's responsible about her impact on the environment, and she's vibrant - she cares about all the right things and is trying to do her best every day. 

She's YOU, She’s ME - the women of today are just like Amber, and we want them to join in the Color by Amber mission to Look Good, Feel Good, and Do Good every day. Selling Color by Amber jewelry is a cinch. Put it on; get compliments (lots of them!)

UNIQUE AND LIGHTWEIGHT - We take two layers of ecoresin, encase beautiful materials inside, and hand-make stunning pieces of jewelry that are so light, you won't even notice you're wearing them. The “interlayers” used come from one of two sources. Firstly are textiles that would otherwise go to landfill such as: fabrics, jeans, coffee bags, old catalogues and swimsuit material.  Secondly textiles and local plant materials come from women artisans around the globe. 

MADE IN THE USA - Rather than purchase and manufacture our pieces in factories overseas, each piece of our jewelry is hand made in our facility in Salt Lake City, UT.

TREND-SETTING DESIGN - Our team of designers and fashion stylists are always on the edge of trends and create unique pieces that have earned us coveted spots in Glamour, Redbook, People Stylewatch, and more.

FASHION WITH A CONSCIENCE - We call it ecojewelry - unique accessories handcrafted from 40% recycled ecoresin that not only look and feel fabulous, but are also fabulously friendly to the environment. We are proud to have a zero-landfill facility, and donate to protect earth's resources through 1% for the Planet.

DOING GOOD ON A GLOBAL SCALE - Many of the interlayers in our jewelry come from women artisans around the world through our Full Circle Program - a series of initiatives that focus on sustaining a better life and a better future for these women.

How did you become involved with this business?

Color by Amber represents the things that I most love: fashion and design, innovation, helping the planet, supporting those less fortunate, and empowering women.  These are at the heart of Color by Amber and I love that I can be part of a team of women who share the same vision and are helping to make Color by Amber a special place. Also, I wanted to be able to earn additional income without having to dip in the family funds. It’s fun to be able to treat yourself to a new pair a shoes, a night out with girlfriends, a trip down south or a class that I always wanted to take. It gives me more independence and it’s helping women all over the world, do good = feel good. So far I have met wonderful inspiring positive women who help me grow, make me laugh and support me. It is a great networking adventure and it pushes me out of my comfort zone.

What are your favorite pieces this summer?

Oh! That is a tough question. We are mostly known for our skinny bracelets, there are so many different possibilities to change your look every day, it’s fun, it’s fashion, and it’s fabulous!
Here is my favorite skinny bundle for the summer.

But the first piece I feel in love with was the Betty Necklace, the Cuff and the skinny. There is something special about it. The interlayer between the ecoresin is actually recycled catalogs. And what is so fun about it is that every piece is different. Since Color by Amber is made in a zero waste facility, every order is made to order ….no waste = originality.

ow that the new Fall/ Winter catalog is out, I am totally in love with the drift necklace with an interlayer of Fray Paper that comes from Nepal - This luminous organic paper made from the bark of the indigenous lokta shrubs for generations became the inspiration for an interlayer called Fray. 

How can we purchase from you?

That is the easy part, all Color by Amber jewelry can be bought online, directly on my website and I can even host Online Facebook party for you where you can be the hostess and earn free jewelry and additional perks .If you have any questions you can always get in touch with me at

If you purchase online, please email me and mention that you saw this post on Sustainably Chic and I will have a gift for you. 

You can also join our Color Club: 
Monthly Color Club box that includes $78 worth of Exclusive Jewelry each month
20% off any additional items from our regular collection.
Free Shipping & Delivery right to your door.
Receive an email on the 15th of every month giving you a sneak peak at next month’s Color Club and you then choose to Accept, Skip or Gift it every month! 

Our jewelry is available in the Canada, the US and Puerto Rico

What are the future plans for your journey with Color by Amber?

My future plans with Color by Amber are to continue spreading the word about how amazing this company and jewelry is. To help women who would like to become entrepreneurs and to Feel Good, Do Good every day all while looking good doing it!

Here are a few links that I love to watch:
The first one explains our sustainable jewelry and it sums up what Color by Amber is all about and why I fell in love with this company.
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This video talks about our full circle program which helps artisans all over the world.
Full Circle Program Video

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