Lumé Swimwear

Fashion, Art & Giving Back

Lumé-nate yourself and the world around you.

Lumé Swimwear is an ethical fashion brand dedicated to bringing together both art & giving back. For every collection, Lumé Swimwear pairs up with an artist to create the fabrics making each garment unique to the market. {Visit their Artist page to learn more about their fabric collaborations.} They then give back a portion of their profits to foundations helping children in Colombia, where they produce the clothing.

To reduce their carbon footprint, Lumé Swimwear does not use any water during the printing process, and they use natural sunlight in facilities where they manufacture. For shipping, all items are packaged with recycled plastic.

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Besides swimsuits, Lumé Swimwear offers beachwear clothing and handbags. The beachwear line consists of rompers, skirts, maxi dresses, pants and shorts. Their Mochila bags are all made in Colombia, as well, and with natural fibers. It's not hard to picture yourself in one of their garments looking out over the beach, huh? 

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Natalie Kay