Bauer Borrelli Recycle Project

I wanted to share with everyone a fun project by Karen Bauer Borrelli. She was inspired by the crazy amount of inflatables left behind on the Versilia & Tuscany beaches three years ago. Instead of leaving them there, she took them home and started creating zip bags. Today, she has introduced even more items into the mix with the overwhelming amount of plastic she has found over the years. 

Don't these materials look familiar to you? I love how she incorporates every aspect of the inflatable into the clutch itself - even the mouthpiece where you would inflate it! From keychains to tote bags, Karen has found an amazing way to recreate from waste. This red and white clutch (in spirit of both our Swiss heritage) is perfect for make-up because of how easy it will be for me to clean up after. It has a few essentials in it so far - my Argan Oil & Longer Lash by Green Esthetics and my Lily Lolo Pressed Bronze Powder

My key chain has received a little makeover with these two new additions - Voodoo Doll & Tassel - from the Bauer Borrelli Project. You can see more of Karen's creations on Facebook.

I remember when I paid way too much just to have a 'clear' purse years ago, and look what we could have been doing this whole time :D I truly look up to those who can imagine something new from someone's trash. Learn more about Karen's project here. While the shop is under construction - stay up-to-date through Instagram, TwitterPinterest, Facebook and YouTube.

Stay tuned for a New Year Giveaway featuring the Vegas bag!!! 

Natalie Kay