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There are only 16 days left to donate to Just One Humanity's Indiegogo campaign. Help them build a community center for rural villagers of Malawi here! They need to raise $35,000 to build on their 3-acre plot of land. Below is a breakdown of costs, and an interview with founder, Aja Estro.

$19,850 - building materials and labor

$7,000 - medicine and supplies for clinic

$1,500 - food, clothing and school supplies for orphans 

$2,650 - furniture, computer, front office supplies

Tell us about Just One Humanity and how sustainability is incorporated into your organization.

We are an organization addressing poverty and biodiversity loss in remote rural areas of developing countries. We envision a world where basic needs are met for all people, serving as a foundation for self-sustainability and environmental stewardship. We focus on five key areas including water, food, health, education and environment. We currently work in Malawi and Tanzania but hope to expand into other countries of need. Sustainability is the essence of our organization. The incorporation of sustainability into our organization is two-fold. We focus not only on the sustainability of the environment but also the actual project. We seek solutions that do not harm or deplete the natural environment but actually improve it. We empower the local people to take ownership of the projects so that they can be sustained for generations to come. We consider the environmental impacts of everything we do from construction, to water wells, farming and building materials. We also include sustainability in our education programs. 

How did you find a need for this type of non-profit?

While conducting research on human-wildlife conflicts and community based natural resource management in Southern Africa, founder Aja Estro, realized the overwhelming inequities in developing nations. While working with other NGO’s and local organizations, it became apparent that there was still a great need for sustainable solutions that could combat extreme poverty. Aja also realized that the heart of conservation work depends directly on the participation of local communities. She noticed a gap between conservation and poverty work and that the two were closely related. If people are starving and dying, how can they be concerned about protection of wildlife? If we can meet the basic needs of the people through sustainable solutions, we can also meet the needs of the environment and animals that also depend on it. It was this notion that sparked the founding of Just One Humanity. 

What is your current Indiegogo project about?

We are currently raising funds for a community center to be built in Salima, Malawi. The center will serve over 20,000 people in the area through clinic services, an orphanage, dispensary and education center. The community center will not only help the surrounding villages meet their basic needs but also offer training on eco-stoves, permaculture, agroforestry, adult literacy and animal welfare.

How can we get involved?

We have several ways you can get involved. As a new organization, just sharing our cause with your social network, friends and family would be greatly appreciated.  We have volunteer opportunities in both Malawi and Tanzania if you are interested in getting involved with conservation and humanitarian efforts. We are also looking for volunteers that want to help in marketing, fundraising and grant writing. 

What are the future plans for Just One Humanity?

As we grow our community of volunteers, partnerships and donors we hope to expand into other countries and areas of need. We have a keen interest in wildlife conservation and working in the fight against wildlife trade, poaching and habitat destruction. We plan to grow our operations so that we can employ local villagers, provide micro-loans to women and build additional hubs in other areas. We are also in communication with several Universities regarding potential research projects that can be facilitated in the areas we work. 


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Natalie Kay