Water = Life

For every item purchased, MudLOVE helps provide one week of clean water to someone in need. Shop their bands or mugs, there is surely something for everyone! Don't miss out on the Giveaway, too - read the details below to see how you can enter for your very own 'thankful' band.

Tell us about MudLOVE and how sustainability is incorporated into your business.

MudLOVE is an Indiana-based ceramics studio built on giving back. Sustainability is an important aspect of our business. Through our partnership with Water for Good, every product you purchase provides 1 week of clean water to someone in need. From bracelets to mugs, every MudLOVE product is handcrafted from clay by our team of artisans. All of our glazes and underglazes are lead-free and non-toxic. The “mud” we create with is 100% non-hazardous. During production, every piece goes through a careful screening process. If clay gets scrapped, we simply recycle it into a new batch. There is always potential for the broken to be made new. 

How did MudLOVE begin?

MudLOVE was launched out of a garage in 2009 by Luke Wright. After graduating from college with a ceramics degree, Luke was working for his dad when he decided to start his own business. From the beginning, the goal has been to spread love through thoughtful gifts that gave back. Over the last 6 years, MudLOVE has grown from 1 potter to over 40 employees, with products traveling from tiny Winona Lake, to locations all over the world. Although we’ve moved into a larger space down the road, we still operate the original garage as Belove, a pottery & jewelry boutique, with our sister company bel kai.

What is Water for Good?

Water for Good is an incredible nonprofit organization working to end the water crisis in the Central African Republic. From the start, MudLOVE has worked closely with Water for Good, allowing every product to make an impact. To date, our customers have enabled us to donate over $350,000 to Water for Good and its life-saving water projects. 

The Central African Republic is one of the most underdeveloped and neglected countries in the world. This Fall, an outburst of violence and chaos resulted in Water for Good’s offices being looted. In response, on top of our regular giving, MudLOVE is donating 50% from every sale of our Cursive “love.” bands. This campaign is calledWear love. Share love., with all donations going directly to Water for Good’s #CARcrisis Response Fund.

How can someone start their own Fundraiser with you? 

MudLOVE fundraisers are a great way to raise money for adoptions, school functions, medical expenses, and more. With our giving model extending to fundraisers, as you come closer to reaching your goal, you’ll also be providing clean water to others in need.

Since everyone’s situation is special, we’ve designed several programs with a variety of options. Our bracelets and mugs can be customized with words, images, and colors to highlight your specific cause.

To get started, visit our Fundraisers page, where you can learn more and share your unique story.

What are the future plans for MudLOVE?

There’s a lot in store for MudLOVE in 2016. We’re committed to making our fundraiser program even better for our customers. Your stories inspire us, and we will be finding new ways to share them with our community. We’ll expand our renewed focus on pottery, adding to our collection of mugs and brand new steins. Our website was relaunched this past summer, and we will continue to develop our online presence. Of course, one of our biggest plans is continuing to be a great supporter and partner for Water for Good. There are still 663 million people across the world without access to clean water. We want to see that number hit zero! 

To keep up with all of our latest projects, follow us on InstagramFacebookPinterest, and Twitter, and sign up for our email updates.

Want to have your very own MudLOVE band? I'm hosting a giveaway on Instagram! Enter for your chance to win this "Thankful" band. While we should be thankful everyday, this month, let's remind ourselves a little more :)

Natalie Kay