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Clash Form Solace

Natalie Kay

Conscious Style, Music, Food & Art

Created by Jasmine Offor-Verville, Clash Form Solace shines with positivity through some of our favorite topics - fashion, music, food & art - all with sustainability in mind. Based in Thailand, Jasmine offers insight to living a more conscious life while keeping culture the center of it all. 

Tell us about Clash Form Solace and how sustainability is incorporated into your blog.

Clash Form Solace is a space that I created in order to share the little wins of life that keep me going. We recently moved to Thailand to teach more than amazing children and the impact has been a once in a lifetime breakthrough. Not only did I want to curate creative ideas but I wanted to share my spiritual growth that happens everyday that I look at the world through the eyes of my 3 year old students. Most of us think of the environment when we hear the word sustainability but sustainability truly means the endurance of systems and processes. With the blog I want to awaken by sharing my perseverance through minor and major obstacles, how patience has turned into grace and why we should pay attention to the small victories in our day to day lives.

How did you get into blogging?

I only just started blogging a few months ago after the day to day grittiness of living in the city started to get to me. I do remember a small stint in college where I tried to put together a very official blog with two of my friends but college partying got in the way of that. I blog now as a way to release things into the atmosphere, or rather internet, so that the space in my mind is clear to host different ideas. I think it's been a really great trial and error so far.

What are some of your favorite subjects to write about?

I love writing about whatever is moving me at the moment. Sometimes it's an art show or an open mic, other times it's the love connection that food and I have for one another. Everyone has that right? No matter the subject, I always let it flow from my most authentic self which is a practice I only started being in tune with a few months ago. Anything I do now, I ask if it came from my truest self or a materialization of unconsented influences. Then I go from there.


I noticed you love to make Track Lists. What’s on your track list this week?

I do! My husband and I were hanging out with another couple and got into reading those birthday horoscope things and mine said how I would find success in my ability with music. No I can't sing to save my life but I always have this unexplainable vibe session with music. So every week I mash together a topic I've thought up. This week was celebrating the greatest moments with my best friend. A little bit of Lauryn Hill, Anita Baker, D'Angelo and Bun B.

What are your future plans for Clash Form Solace?

I have no idea honestly. I just want to stay as consistent as possible with filling up the creative bank and withdrawing it onto the blog. I've been toying with the idea of using my degrees and actually creating a sustainable clothing & jewelry line. Seeing all the amazing and wonderful brands out there that are truly making a difference is incredibly inspiring. All of you guys please keep it up, we need more!


Visit Clash Form Solace here, and follow her inspiration on Tumblr & Instagram.