Batiz Jewelry

Improving Lives One Stitch at a Time

Batiz Jewelry represents my love for design, textiles, my country of origin and most of all my love for Humanity and the belief that we can change the world by helping one person
— Sofia Batiz

Batiz Jewelry offers unique {& GORGEOUS} pieces filled with color and culture. They partner with a fair trade organization out of Chihuahua Mexico called Cedain. This organization brings work and improves the lives of the Tarahumaras who are some of the poorest people in Mexico. Unfortunately, due to mining and deforestation in their area, the mountain towns and their inhabitants are suffering. Look below to see how we can help change that!

What a great way to see how your purchase impacts the lives of others! It is truly easy to make a difference through conscious consumption. Just think -  If every garment had a tag showing their purchasing power, so many things would be un-bought these days. 

Batiz Jewelry makes cuffs, earrings, small necklaces and  statement necklaces - shop their entire collection here. ALSO: I'm excited to announce that Sustainably Chic now carries their beautiful cuffs in the online shop

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Natalie Kay