Dorotea Gale

Created by two friends, Dorotea Gale was inspired by their love for the Indonesian Archipelago and the beautiful textiles radiating from the cultures within. All products are made in Indonesia with ethics and slow fashion in mind! From handbags to pillow covers, your eyes will be mesmerized by the stunning colors incorporated into the techniques of BATIK and IKAT. 

We believe that each of us can make a difference, and together we make a change: be it environmental, social and economic.
— Dorotea Gale

Producing quality accessories which are made few { to counter over production } while maintaining culture and fair wages shows how committed Dorotea Gale is to a sustainable business model. Something I am always speaking to others about when chatting  'sustainability' is how much the concept encompasses. It is not just protecting the environment, it is about economics, politics and culture, too. I love working with businesses like Dorotea Gale who truly embody the whole idea behind it. 

See how the textiles are created, and the process behind the techniques Ikat and Batik here. These art forms truly amaze me. The video on Batik is a must watch!

Something exciting for Instagram users: Dorotea Gale is giving away a Ayotupas Core Pouch to one lucky winner! Visit Sustainably Chic's or Dorotea Gale's Instagram to enter.

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Natalie Kay