Purple Impression

A Story with Every Garment

Within Multan, Pakistan there is a dying art. Hand embroidering and its many ancient techniques are no longer passed down generation to generation because of the unnecessary and unfortunate exploitation from the middlemen. Without a fair wage, women are no longer looking to this art form as a way of living. Purple Impression is wanting to help change that through their Ethical Stitch Program, and bring back this beautiful and job providing ancient art to modern clothing. 

Tell us about Purple Impression and how sustainability is incorporated into your business.

Purple Impression is an ethical apparel brand that's all about women empowerment. We don't see ourselves as simply selling clothes but the ideas and values behind those clothes. One of preservation, fairness, transparency and compassion. Being able to provide a sustainable income to our artisans is a big part of our business. We are working directly with each of our artisan with no middle involvement which helps us ensure their well being and gives us the ability to make our production process very transparent.

How did you come across a need for this type of business? 

There were a couple of reasons behind the start of PI, specifically the Ethical Stitch Project. We grew up wearing traditional hand embroidered clothes but, later, were saddened to learn that it was a disappearing art form. The artisans were not being fairly compensated for their work which is discouraging them from passing this skill to the next generation. In addition, these artisans, mainly women, often live under poverty, so the idea of a social business that incorporated this traditional art into contemporary design seemed an ideal way to both prevent this art from being lost and provide a sustainable living for the artisans. A women can better understand another women's struggle, and what better way to make a difference than through the thing we enjoy most; our clothes.

What is the Ethical Stitch Project?

Ethical Stitch Project is all about empowering women in Pakistan through employment and fair wage. Often times in a developing country like Pakistan there is a cultural stigma behind women going out to work. As a result, most women turn to skills like sewing and hand embroidery as a mean to earn a living.  With this project we have taken the work to them, giving them the opportunity to work out of the comfort of their homes. Most of the women we are working with are either widows,spinsters or sole earners of their family. 

Every garment has a name and our pieces literally do! There is a story and a name behind every piece we make that is sent out as hand signed cards from the artisan who makes it. Our customers can see exactly whose making their clothes on our website and can often read their stories on our blog. We want our customers to build a connection to their pieces, experience the journey it took and be able to relate to a different part of the world. 

What types of products do you offer? 

Currently, we offer hand embroidered women's tunic dresses and scarves. But, we will be expanding our offering as we grow.  

What are the future plans for Purple Impression? 

We are constantly looking for more ways to incorporate sustainability into our business. Currently, we are looking into more Eco, sustainable fabrics that our artisans can work with so you'll see a lot more of organic fibers in the future in our collections. 

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Natalie Kay